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Choose rå – not just a soap holder but a thoughtful solution that elevates your daily rituals.


rå was a personal project born out of everyday frustration with soap storage. Every soap I bought inevitably ended up in a dish filled with water residue and lost its appeal after just a short use. This inconvenience was exacerbated by the growing preference for solid soap in personal care, which prompted me to design a product that would break the relentless cycle of soap dish cleaning. The goal was clear: to create a simple, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution that would not only bring instant gratification, but also fit seamlessly with any type of soap.


rå is more than just a soap holder; it's a transformative base that redefines both the spatial and functional aspects of soap presentation. Its elegant and unassuming design introduces a new perspective to daily use. When seamlessly attached to the soap bar with a gentle press of the thumb, Rå and the soap merge into a haptic-sculptural object. Held in hand, it transforms into a secure handle, preventing mishaps, and when placed on a surface, it ensures the soap remains elevated, avoiding water contact. This groundbreaking design serves a dual purpose: promoting secure use and infusing an element of joy into daily life. The secure grip provided by rå also mitigates the risk of loss.

rå's versatility extends beyond personal use, enabling you to share experiences by soaping yourself and your loved ones, whether human or animal.


Our soaps are carefully handcrafted in a small production facility in Graubünden using a gentle cold process, ensuring optimal skin care with an unsaponified fat content of 8%. 


Why opt for a solid soap, you ask? 

Unlike their liquid counterparts, soap bars are not only more environmentally friendly but also gentler on the skin. Shower gels, laden with water and an array of additives, can compromise the skin's protective film, making it more prone to irritation and eczema.

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